"Fascinating to see four excellent musicians at work, masterfully dominating chamber music together."
[29.08.2012, Dausenau]

"'Don't make wind!', you might casually say. You wouldn't say such a thing to the Forseti Saxophone Quartet however, as here the wind moving through their saxophones was so perfectly shaped, that you really couldn't get enough."
[07.08.2012, Wormser Allgemeine Zeitung]

"A truly grand Finale, the elated public demanded to hear an encore."
[23.03.2012, Usinger Anzeiger]

"The outstanding musical performance of these 4 young saxophonists […]"
[20.03.2012, Frankfurter Neue Presse]

"The Forseti Saxophone Quartet conjure shimmering waves of sound through their brilliant playing."

[06.06.2011, Kölner Stadtanzeiger]

"Inspired by the God of Wind (Forseti), the three men and one woman, using only their breath and their instruments are able to create a sparkling sound."
[05.05.2009, Die Rheinpfalz]

"Throughout this fascinating piece, one could hear the finest of details, with each movement played with an overwhelming sense of joy and virtuosity."
[13.01.2009, Emsdettener Volkszeitung]

"The four players have developed a high quality, homogenous ensemble, made clear through their friendship with one another."
[November 2008, Rheinische Post]

"The performance, if nothing else, had a highly distinguished sound, conscious form and beautiful imprint of tone (...) Even in a small concert space, each piece was performed with technical brilliance, individual character, and a high level of musicaliry. This is the future."
[25.02.2008, Südwest Presse]

"[…] that these young engaged musicians, due to a mastery of their instruments, can create such a distinctive sound with such rhythmic sophistication enables one to be able to say without exaggeration that they are without doubt stars of the future."
[25.02.2008, Augsburger Allgemeine]

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